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Lucy Morrison
Associate Professor of English, Salisbury University

Lucy Morrison attended her first NCSA conference in the year 2000, when she presented a paper on Mary Shelley’s Valperga at the conference on “Visions, Dreams, and Nightmares,”  and she has presented her research at nearly every conference since.  An outstanding scholar of the early nineteenth century, Lucy inaugurates a new era as the first Romanticist to serve as NCSA President.  Co-author of A Mary Shelley Encyclopedia (2003) and co-editor of Mary Shelley: Her Circle and her Contemporaries (2010), she most recently helped produce the four-volume set of Women's Travel Writings in Post-Napoleonic France published by Pickering and Chatto in 2011.  Lucy's extensive list of articles and paper presentations explores literature and culture from the Romantic era through the present day, and frequently reflects her interest in music and dance.  NCSA members shared that enthusiasm with much pleasure when Lucy organized and led a session of “Jane Austen Dance” at our 2010 conference in Tampa. Lucy Morrison became active in NCSA early, serving as newsletter co-editor from 2004 to 2009.  Under the leadership of Lucy and  current Vice President Marlene Tromp, the newsletter took on a new name (XIX) and a new look, significantly expanding content and introducing the full-color graphics and attractive layout that characterize XIX today.  When Marlene left the editorship, Lucy stayed on another year to assist new co-editor Michael Duffy.  While most people might be content with producing a twice- or thrice-yearly publication, Lucy Morrison added another major project: In 2006 she hosted and organized the NCSA conference on “Travel, Tourism, and Resorts” at her home university, co-chairing both program and local arrangements with Heidi Kaufman and Rob Craig.  It was a rich and full conference, notable for its outstanding papers and delightful excursions into the history of recreation on the Maryland shore.  It was also a testament to the outstanding organizational skills and attention to detail that made Lucy Morrison the perfect candidate for higher office.

In 2010, elected to the Vice Presidency, Lucy quickly mastered the complex web that is the NCSA committee matrix, and she was my unflagging guide to committee rotations and appointments as well as the most helpful mentor and coordinator to committee members and chairs.  She held this post for only one year, however, since it was clear to me as chair of the nominating committee that she was ready to be our President-Elect.  In this past year, as I have  worked closely with Lucy and  introduced her to the varied tasks and responsibilities she will soon undertake, I have probably learned as much from her as she has from me.  Indeed, I have often asked her for advice and suggestions which I then was wise enough to follow.

I know that NCSA will thrive and flourish with Lucy Morrison as its leader.  I am delighted and honored to present her with this award, and, at the same time, to hand over to her the Presidency.

Meri-Jane Rochelson
President, NCSA