Conferences Minimize

Current Conference: 

Radicalism and Reform,
Rochester, NY (2020)

Past Conferences:

Kansas City (2019)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2018)

Memory and Commemoration,
Charleston, South Carolina (2017)

New and Novel,
Lincoln, Nebraska (2016)

Material Cultures / Material Worlds,
Boston, MA (2015)

Urbanism and Urbanity,
Chicago, IL (2014)


Fresno, CA (2013)

Spiritual Matters/Matters of Spirit,
Asheville, NC (2012)

University of New Mexico (2011)

Theatricality and the Performative in the Long Nineteenth Century,
Tampa, FL (2010)

The Green Nineteenth Century,
Milwaukee, WI (2009)

Politics and Propaganda,
Miami, FL (2008)

Race and Ethnicity in the 19th Century,
Selinsgrove, PA (2007)

Travel, Tourism, and Resorts,
Salisbury, MD (2006)

Infantuation: Childhood, Youth, and Nineteenth-Century Culture,
Augusta, GA (2005)

Cultural Imperialism and Competition: Travel, World's Fairs and National/Colonial Image,
St. Louis, MO (2004)

Feasts and Famine,
New Orleans, LA (2003)

Looking Backward, Looking Forward,
Savannah, GA (2002)

The Century of Victoria and Verdi,
Roanoke, VA (2001)

Visions, Dreams, and Nightmares,
Arlington, VA (2000)

Nineteenth-Century Spectacles,
Philadelphia, PA (1999)

By Body Bound,
Huntsville, AL (1998)

Ordinary People: Everyday Lives,
Davidson, NC (1997)

Nineteenth-Century Designs
North Miami Beach, FL (1996)

Conflict and Resolution,
Baltimore, MD (1995) 

Time and Space,
Lexington, KY (1994)

Revivals and Revisions,
Decatur, GA (1993)

Color and Colorfulness in Nineteenth-Century Life,
Tampa, FL (1992)