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Nineteenth Century Studies is an interdisciplinary journal published annually by the Nineteenth Century Studies Association. The journal is coedited by  David Hanson, Department of English, Southeastern Louisiana University (Chair); Kim Stern, Department of English and Comparative Literature, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Sarah Wadsworth, Department of English, Marquette University; Jennifer Hayward, Department of English, Wooster College. The Exhibitions Review Editor is Maria Gindhart, Georgia State University, who is also a co-editor. The managing office of the journal is located at Southeastern Louisiana University.

The editorial staff draws on the expertise of the distinguished NCS Editorial Board, and NCSA Officers, Board, and Senior Advisory Council (see Staff and Editorial Board & NCSA Board). Numerous scholars from the profession at large also give generously of their time.

The journal publishes studies of interest to scholars of the nineteenth century in all humanistic fields. Although our contributors most frequently write on American, British, and Continental topics, we place no geographical limitations on potential contributions. Topics include, but are not limited to, literature, art history, history, music, and the history of science and the social sciences.

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